Kampong Boy

Around 3 years ago when i was still a recruit being posted in after my bmt as a signal store man in a camp in the west side of Singapore. I was so bloody Suay…. why?… tsk… my first day is also my first day to do duty….. Damn bastard who actually fall sick on the day on duty and I got to stand in without even knowing who it whom I stand in for is. As i was still oblivious to everything, the place, the surrounding and worse the camp itself.

Everyone should know the biggest military institute, It’s so huge… and takes 20 mins to walk from my department to the other department. Never mind about that. Looking weirdly at my 2nd sergeant, who is in charge of duty that day he also commented “wah piang li si bei suay, first day only kanah duty, whoa gib me 4 number leh i go buy, i win i treat u makan. I said “Ok lor” i said the four numbers. He said “Kam sia ahh”. I said “No problem”. The sky darkened… as time went by… It was 2230 hrs… my hokkien sarge shouted ” Whoa si bei sian ahhh, still muz go liuty (duty)”.

He pointed at me and said ” li ! come follow me I explain to you what to do at our rounds…”. I followed him. He introduced to me the other duty personal for the day. A skinny indian guy came up to sarge and whispered something to him and gave me a sly smile.. I knew that they are going to “sabo” me. But nevermind, i kanah lots of times… At 2300hrs.. We are supposed to switch of the lights of the corridor leading to the washing bay at the other end. The indian guy said ” you go switch off the lights I go check other thing”. I nodded my head and went to switch off the lights. And i was like F**k the corridor is full of mirrors. What the hell! i thought mirrors are in the toilets.. but.. CORRIDORS? Aiyah damn it just do it once and for all.

With my L-torch I proceeded to switch off the lights. Then suddenly almost to the end of the corridor at the entrance I saw a faint shadow of a young boy holding something in his hand… sorry guys I still have the creeps when i write this in…he suddenly disappeared. Later I heard a bouncing ball echoing through the corridor. I knew something is wrong, I freaked out and ran out and later knocked onto someone… didnâ?Tt knew who was it and I fainted… I woke up the other day at my duty room. Looking dazed and tired with the bump on my head i walked out of the room and looked out and saw my duty Sarge talking to a high ranking army man.

My Sarge saw me and quickly held me on and led me to the 2 crab man,(Lieutenant Colonel). The duty Sarge said “This is your Commanding Officer, so now i go hand over my duty liao, see you later” I said “yes sergeant”. I was so scared from yesterday and then now my existing CO. Real suay. Later then a Master Warrant Officer came in and greeted the CO. Funny, the both of them sat in front of me. And asked me so much questions of my BMT life. I told them what i went through. The CO said “Ok, interview finished, i got to go meeting now”, the MWO nodded and the CO went out. MWO then explained that he is sorry for what the Indian Lcp did to me.

I was furious and i told him why must i be sabotaged? I know that Iâ?Tm new but doesn’t mean that i must be treated this way. The MWO then looked puzzled why am I so angry. I told him what happened yesterday. And then he added, “You saw that boy yesterday!” I was shocked when just stood up and said to me that manner. I said “Yes Sir”.. I said “What’s wrong Sir?” he said nothing. Later he said “If someone tells you to switch off the lights, particularly that corridor please have someone with you to switch the lights.” I said “Yes Sir” And from then on I was in the camp for 1 and a half years.

And every time I go for my duty rounds I will drag someone to go with me. On my last day of work in army, my ORD day, my Pink IC day , whatever lah. i was still intrigued by why must we switch the light off in pairs? Holding my pink IC and signed my ORD papers, I went to see my MWO. He told me the whole story that begins when before this camp is erected. A kampong had once existed. And this kampong was especially huge, stretched almost 1.5km diagonally from one camp to the other. Story has it that it was full of young children, and the village headman was associated with one of Singaporeâ?Ts previous minister during that time.

At that time the Maria Hertogh Riot had everyone fleeing for their lives. And sadly the kampong also had the clashes as most Chinese there are business man and Malay communities stayed there. On one day which it clashed with the Malay and Chinese. A young boy who was playing near at one of the fishing pond was killed accidentally by a woman fleeing for her life and pushed the boy into the pond drowning him. Since then for the last 50 years till now they always heard the bouncing ball sound, but that boy is sad my MWO said, he read the newspaper and remembered that the boy was an orphan when the previous racial riots killed his parents. I was also saddened… then something struck me, how did I fall down? or knocked down? Later I discovered, i slipped and fell. From the water which the boy had dripped on him….. YEARS AGO FROM THE POND!

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