Lakiun Camp Brunei

What i am about to relate is a true account. It happened to me in 1991.

I can’t remember the month exactly, but i was still serving my full-time NS. My appointment by training is an infantry section leader. Which makes me a corporal. These days this rank is called “3rd Sergeant”. The unit i was serving in was 2 SIR.

It was the first evening of the battalion exercise. Most of the unit was outfield for exercise in the brunean jungles. Brunei is famous for its dense rain-forests. The tree tops are so high that they effectively cut off any moonlight. Making it pitch-black after dark..

I was delegated to stay in camp with some of the calafare ( i.e Attn B and Attn C those guys with medical sick leave.. The only other NCO ( specialist ) with me was another corporal. Let’s call him Corporal C. And i will be Corporal B.

Lakuin camp is rumoured to be built over cheap land. In this case, it was supposedly used to be a muslim burial ground. During our nightly RO ( routine order) read out by that day’s Duty Officer, he reminded us that if we needed to relieve ourselves. i.e urinate or shit. We should only do it in the toilet.

For those of you who have not been to Lakun Camp. The barracks are built long. Almost entirely wooden, except for the tin roofs. They are designed with 2 exit points on either ends. Where there should be windows, instead it is just window frame without any cover,doors or shutters. Rain would be prevented by the fact that the an extra roof extends really low.The barrack is built a few feet off the ground.

It was about the late afternoon, me and some of the men were bored. And you know what happens with idle minds. We began to think of crazy things to pass the time!

Now the other NCO, Corporal C is a much stricter person than i am. I am the type more likely to dish out “canteen breaks” as opposed to Corporal C making the men help him clean the extra weapons 😛 Needless to say. This made him less in favour amongst the men.

The hours went by and soon it was dusk. The blue hour when the skies durn dark cloudy and blue. The yellow lamp-posts were already turned on by then. I was in the barrack doing my own admin and i felt the urge to pee. So i walked down the wooden steps into the grass clearing by the side of the barracks. There were some of the men playing “Hide & Seek”. Yes! You heard me right. 18-20 year olds behaving like boys still playing this game! ha ha!. I felt lazy and decided to just walk towards the perimeter fence. The fence seperates the jungle and the bunk.

Standing by the fence i unbuttoned my fly and wet the ground, letting out a satisfying “ahh” to myself. My field of vision was trained on the grass where my pee was directed at It was then that i noticed a shadow. It looked like a man with both arms up over head ready to sneak towards me and give me a shock. Thinking i was the smarter guy discovering this person sneaking towards me, i quickly turned around to say “Boo!” to whoever this person was…

But there was nobody behind me… “Hmmm”. I thought to myself how strange this is. I turned back forward and button up my fly and walked back towards the barracks. I brushed this off as a trick of the mind. Although i could’nt help noticing the impossibility of that shadow. It couldn’t have been the street-lamp simply because it would not create a shadow where i saw it. I brushed this off as a trick of the mind.

Soon it was time to “Lights-off” so all the men were accounted for and we went to our double-decker beds to sleep. My bed was just next to the wall nearest to the main door. And i slept with my feet facing the window. Only the monotonous sound of the ceiling fan at high-speed could be heard now. Creaking as well with every revolution. Soon i drifted to sleep. But it was not going to be a peaceful sleep for me..

To my best recollection, i was asleep as i knew it. But suddenly i felt my body enveloped in a shivering chill. My ears felt like there was a wind blowing, sounded like the rush of air when you ride your bicycle downhill at high speed. I tried opening my eyes but i couldnt. I tried moving my limbs but i was paralysed. I felt like an Egytian Mummy!. My arms were stuck straight on both sides of my body and my legs lay straight. I felt awake and aware and all the while the “wind” blowing in my ears. I felt a silent terror like i never felt before. What is happening to me?!! “Help! Help!!” but no voice came forward. In my desperation i started reciting a prayer. Being Catholic i started praying “Our Father” and “Hail Mary”. Imagine the expression on my face as in someone muttering the prayers hurriedly, with eyes tightly closed as if afraid of what was before me. I must have prayed for what lasted like ten minutes before i felt the prayers working… slowly…I felt the “wind” leaving me. It seemed to leave thru my head as i felt my body slowly able to move and the “blowing sound” on my ears just left. Like somebody just pressed “STOP”. I opened my eyes and sat up. The feeling of fear had left me. It must have been the prayers. I felt at peace and very brave. Brave enough to scan the bunk around me. It was still dark except for some light coming thru the window. But bright enough that i could see the men were asleep.


I shared my incident to some close friends when they came back from the exercise. No one could give me a conclusive answer on what happened. I did get reminders that the camp was built over a former muslim cemetery and that i should have gone to the toilet to pee.

Maybe i offended the Muslim spirits” when i pee-ed on the fence, without saying “excuse me” or “sorry”. Is Lakuin camp haunted?

I read on other threads here that what i experienced could have been a condition called ” Sleep Paralysis “. If so, can anyone share if they too also heard that sound of “rushing wind” in the ears. It also sounds like someone was blowing air into your ears at close range.

Since that incident i have encountered similar experiences, twice. In my home.

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