Pulau Tekong Camp

This story happen during when I am serving my national services. I was a fat boy so have to go to Pulau Tekong for five months BMT. And before I went for BMT, I heard a lot of stories regarding Pulau Tekong. Can’t confirm most of them.

When I am in Tekong, I am staying in camp 3. If you happen to go to Tekong before, you will notice this camp because it is a six floors big building. Everything goes well on the first month of training. And our PS very on, train us until like going to kill us. But one thing good is that we will be able to sleep once light off because too tired. Ok, stop all this. My PS also wouldn’t allow us to smoke too much, so we have to handover our cigarette once we book in. And he will give us two stick per day to smoke. One in the afternoon and one at night but as a smoker we have the kick to smoke. So we hide our cigarette when we book in. But everytime let our PS found out and get punish. We think of others ways to bring in. As others platoon will allow to bring and keep their cigarette, we pass our to them for safe keep.

One night, heavy raining. And we know that our PS wouldn’t spot check on us. So a few of us wake up in the middle of the night to smoke in the bunk. As we were smoking we notice there something flying outside our window. But because not to let our PS to caught us red handed we smoke and don’t bother it. As time went by, we notice that this happen too often. (let me explain, we staying on the six floor, one side is common walkway and the other side are just window and facing the forest. No one can move along the window area.) And one night, not raining, I and my friends wanted to smoke badly because not allow us to smoke for the whole day as punishment. So at about 3 am, we gather around and start smoking. And this time we notice that, this lady in white was floating at the window area and trying to come into the bunk. At first we didn’t think too much as we are tired and wanted to smoke badly. Suddenly one of my friend, stand up and facing the window. Pointing to the lady in white and saying something that I don’t understand. This lady in white suddenly laugh make a sign to say get me if you can. And this friend of my saying some prayer and the lady in white was very angry. Out of sudden she disappear. And my friend fainted. We don’t dare to tell our PS about it, just try to apply some medical oil on him and try to wake him up. After three to five minute my friend wake up. And he ask us to go back to sleep, he will tell us what happen when we book out.

Once we book out, we ask him what happen that night. He told us that the lady in white have been waiting for chances to attack us and that night one our platoon mate actually luck no good and she see the chance to attack. But my friend who sense it( he didn’t explain why he know) and ask the lady in white not to do anything rush or he will say prayer that can make her feel very uneasy forever. But this lady in white don’t care and wanted to attack and my friend fight her in a sense that we normal people wouldn’t able to see. And he manage to fight her off.

Another incident, as we are order not to look into the parade square in the middle of the night. And this night also same. We get up in the middle of the night to smoke, as we were smoking we heard dogs barking and we try to fit where it coming from. One of our friend say that it coming from the parade square. At first we don’t dare to look onto the parade square because we afraid that those PS may see us and we will get punishment for that. But we can’t keep our curiosity. So we peek onto the parade square. We saw a number of dogs actually fall in and marching around the parade square. And this went on for ten to fifteen minutes.

There are some more incident happen during my BMT in Pulau Tekong, I will submit once I am free. And would like to let you all know that. I feel very chill when I am typing these incident. They will always freah in my mind. Because this will be something that one will never forget.

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