Kampong Ghost

It all happened when i was about 7 or 8 years old and my family was still living in a kampong life at Jalan Mashor about 20 mins to TCS. It was kinda fuzzy to me now but at that time it was so real u know.

The time was about 7 pm and i can’t remember what day it was. I was sitting near my window in the living room looking outside on the lawn and there was a big huge rambutan tree near my house. It was fine at first but a few seconds later out of the corner of my eyes i saw this white figurine crossing over the window where i was sitting. Her head was covered with the white dress she was wearing and she was sort of floating in the air.( i’m having goosebump as i’m typing this down ). I was thinking to myself this can’t be real. And as she got nearer to me, she was slowing turning her head to my direction and before she managed to show her face to me, i ran all the way to my late grandmother room and hug her!. I told her wat happen and she was didn’t really believe me.

I was having a fever that night. Maybe i was too frigthened!!. I think she believe me a little and until now i can’t forget what had happen to me on that day. I tell u it was real but then u would think, i’m just telling a story. Believe it or not, it’s up to u all….

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