Kampong House

Hello to everyone out there! This is my first time submitting a story and I was introduced to this site by my friend who’s a big fan of this website(I’m using her PC now). The story that I’m going to share with u happened sometime ago when I was about 11-12 years old. The scene was at my granduncle’s house in Muar. The story goes like this:-

Every year, during the December school holidays, we would pay a visit to our late granduncle’s house in Muar. Usually the entourage would comprise of my family and all my mother’s siblings families. (Granduncle from my mum’s side). So, there will be about 7 families. But due to the size, the stay was always fun as I, my brothers, sister and cousins would have a lot of fun playing in the river behind the house, chasing after hens and chicks, but that one nite really undermine the fun we usually had.

We arrived at our granduncle’s house at about 7 pm. After bathing, praying and taking our dinner, the adults sat in the living room talking to each other. We were running around the huge kampung house. For those who have visited a kampong house will know their structure. The living room and kitchen was on ground floor while the bedroom on the other side of the house and it is directly above the chicken coop.

Well, during bedtime, all the children insisted on sleeping in front of the television and so our granduncle spread out three thin mattresses for us to sleep on. We slept on the side of the house which is above the chicken coop. The flooring was made of wood and there were slight cracks in between the woods. Our parents slept in the other three bedrooms.

It was already midnite I guess, when one of my cousin woke me up. She told me that she felt like someone or something is poking her from below. I told her that she must have dreamt of it and told her to go back to sleep. After that, I myself felt the poking. And then my other cousins too complain of the same thing. We were all sitting on the mattress looking at each other in fright when we heard a scratching noise on the wooden door. We all turned to face the door, too scared to scream or run. The door knob was being turned from outside. The thing outside was calling out our names!!! We sat huddling each other staring at the door in fear. Then the scratching shifted to the roof of the house. The sounds of footsteps on the rooftop freaked all of us out. We somehow managed to scramble to our parents bedroom and slept there till morning.

We told our parents and granduncle of our experience, and my granduncle said that a few days before our arrival, there was a girl who died committing suicide by drinking rat poison because she could not bear her stepmother’s abuse. And because of the nature of her death, guess her spirit was wandering aimlessly, has been disturbing the other villagers too nite after nite. That nite, all of us slept with our parents and in the middle of the nite, we were all awakened by the shrill laughter outside the house. My granduncle woke up, opened the door and told the pontianak to go away or he will burn her. Guess his bravery scares her and she was gone.

THe next time we visited him, he said that a few days after we left, the stepmother was found dead under a frangipanni plant, her eyes wide as if in fright. And since then, the disturbances had stopped.

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