Kitchen Toilet

One night, our parents went out thus leaving my younger and I at home alone. That did not pose any problem for us as we were used to it until what happened to us that fateful night.

My brother and I decided to check out what was happening outside the kitchen windows. I cannot recall why we did that now. Nevertheless, neither one of us switched on the kitchen or toilet lights but the kitchen was dimly lit by the light cast from the living room.

All windows in my flat were usually shut when dusk arrived and the main wooden door in the living room remained shut at night unless my father was home. We lived on the 9th floor.

My brother and I were huddling together and fixated by what we saw downstairs at the badminton court from the kitchen windows. Normally, this court was used for many various functions by the residents here or the Residential Committee (RC) for events like funerals and dinners.

While being entertained, my brother and I suddenly heard a soft-spoken female voice emanating from the dark kitchen toilet on our right. ‘She’ was calling out my brother’s name! My brother and I got the shock of our life and scampered hurriedly to the living room like headless cockroaches!

Once we felt safe, we looked at each other, puzzled at what had just happened. We decided to call our parents at this house where they were visiting. At that time, mobile phones were unheard of. My mom advised us to put and wait for them to reach home.

Up till now, no one in my family could explain the phenomenon that my brother and I experienced.

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