Last Day Of Hungry Ghost Festival

During the olden days, people used to say that during hungry ghosts festival, nobody should go out, especially at the last day of the festival. As for me, i didn’t really take this warning seriously as i thought that people said that just to scare thier children. Now, let me tell you what had happened……

It was about 9pm when my friends called me to meet them at the block where we were always hanging around. I agreed and straight away went to the block as it was only a few blocks away from my house. While walking, i thought i heard cries but as soon as i turned my head, the cries stopped. I didn’t care much as i thought it was just my imagination.

Shortly after, i met up with my friends and we sat at a void deck chatting. It was quite awhile when my mum called me and asked me to go home. When i reached below my block, i heard my sister calling in a very faint voice. When i looked up, i saw a figure on the roof top that looked exactly like Jenny, my sister. I shouted at her asking her to come down but she didn’t seem to be listening. Suddenly, she just disappered into thin air.

I quickly rushed home and told my mum what had happened. She was stunt for a moment but then she said, “Jenny is inside her room playing with her dog.” Right enough, when i went in her room, Jenny was there. Then, i remembered that it was the last day of Hungry Ghosts Festival.

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