Ghost Festival Encounter

I was an instructor in basic military training at the Old Nee Soon camp during 1983-1985. Built in 1939 just before the outbreak of the second world war, the camp has a number of hauntings.

The year was 1984. The period was the month of the hungry ghosts. My company recruits were tasked to do guard duty with my platoon sergeant Tay.K.H. as the Battalion Orderly Seargent. Two of the trainees, an Indian and a Malay, were paired up to prowl around the barracks. During one of their rounds, the Indian trainee kicked a small cup and joss sticks that were placed at a spot as an offering to the spirit of that place. Whether he did it accidentally or deliberately is still unknown.

Immediately, he vomitted or nose-bled on the spot. The two men were so frightened that he ran for their lives to the guard house at the main camp entrance. When they reached their destination, the other trainee also suffered from nose bleeding. The whole guard contingent was ordered to fall in. This time, 4 recruits were detailed to prowl together at a time.

When Sergeant Tay narrated this story on Monday to other instructors, his face was pale or sobered by the encounter.

So the next time you see incense or offering being placed on the floor or ground, steer clear and do not meddle with these objects. You could be dealing with territorial spirits.

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