Jurong West Big Drain Behind Hong Kah Sec

During lantern festival, i and and my frenz went to the big drains behinds hong kah sec school. It was at 10.00 pm. The atmosphere were dark, quiet and dim. We were happily lighting candles on a bench when suddenly we hear a screeching noise on one of the trees above us. We ignore it because we though that it might be the wind blowing on the leaf. Then, one of my fren says she saw something floating near hong kah secondary school. I told her to juzt ignore it as it might be her imaginations.

Suddenly, the candle that were brighthly light, were blown off but there were no winds….We became scared and continue to light the candle…….My fren sense something bad may happen to us and said that we would better gone home by now. At that time it was already 10.30 pm. We decided to went home.

We were walking slowly and also turning back to see our candle. Suddenly the candle that we light blown off and then it light back. It went continuously. We were very scared and ran all the way home.

The next day, we were told that the place where we sit were once the place where a girl has killed herself and her dead body was inside the big drain. This stories continue on and on…. I will continue the story next time………

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