Last Goodbye

This story happened to my elder sister 6 years ago. She was 23 then and was supposed to wed her boyfriend. She loved her boyfriend, Shaun, so much coz he is a really caring & wonderful guy. Therefore, she is really excited about the thought of being married and spending the rest of their life together.

Shaun is working as a Marketing Manager in one of the property developer firm. Therefore, his job always requires him to travel overseas. Everytime he has to leave for his overseas trip, he always brings my sister out for a picnic to East Coast the day before he leaves. They would always sit and talked till the sun set. Shaun would always do anything to make my sister feel happy and assures his love for her.

2 months before the wedding, Shaun was asked to attend a property exhibition in London and he is expected to be in London for about 4 days. My sister was a bit upset but Shaun being the gentleman that he is, assures my sister that he will be back and that he will get a surprise gift for their wedding. As usual, he brought my sister for a picnic on Sunday as he is leaving on Monday morning. My sister felt uneasy about this trip but Shaun assures her that he will be safe and remind her to look forward to their wedding soon.

It was already Friday nite and Shaun is expected to reach Singapore on Sat afternoon. That night, my sister could not sleep coz she is feeling excited that her beloved Shaun will be by her side tomorrow afternoon onwards. I remembered coz we were discussing about the wedding plans and she was giving me ideas what to wear. It was already 2:30am and we both felt sleepy and eventually we fell asleep.

The next thing that happened was way beyond anybody`s explanation. When I woke up the next morning about 9am, I found my Mummy hugging my sister while my sister is crying very loudly. My Dad was on the phone. When I asked him, he told me that Shaun had been robbed and murdered in London and they are now arranging to fly his body to Singapore. However, my sister kept on insisting that its not Shaun. Apparently, she related that Shaun called her about 3:30am and said that he is outside our house and that he would like to bring my sister to the beach and watch the sunrise. My sister was so surprised that he reached S`pore earlier than expected. Anyway, he drove her to East Coast and they hugged each other throughout the morning. My sister said that he was really quiet and his body was really cold too. My sister thought that he must be down with fever but he just put his finger to my sister lips and smiled. My sister thought he looked a bit pale too under the dim lights. Anyway, right after the sunset, Shaun drove my sister home and told her that he needs to sleep. As our doorstep, he hugged my sister and then lovingly look into her eyes and said that she is the best thing that he ever had and that he will never stop loving her even when he`s dead. My sister scolded him for mentioning the word “dead” and said that she does not want to lose him. When he kisses her on her lips, my sister said that his lips felt cold and dry.

About 30 mins after Shaun left, there was a phone call. It was Shaun`s sister. She got a call from Shaun`s colleague that Shaun`s badly battered body was found in an abandoned office building and they are now awaiting for the authorities to release his body to fly back to Singapore. That was when my sister shouted over the phone and broke down. When my parents ran out of their room, they saw my sister screamed hysterically by the phone. They too were shocked when Shaun`s sister told them what happened.

Anyway, it took about 3 days for Shaun`s body to reach S`pore. By the time, people came for the funeral, his coffin has been sealed tightly to preven people from looking at his badly bruised body. Even my sister was not allowed to see it despite her pleas. Shaun`s colleague who went to London with him went up to my sister and gave her a nicely wrapped packaging. He said that Shaun had bought this for her. When she opened it, it was a beautiful platinum & crystal bracelet with their names engraved on the platinum surface. My sister fainted.

My sister and I strongly believed that Shaun`s soul had actually came to see her on that sad day. This is how much love he has for her and that even death can`t take that away. Now, she is 29 and she is putting all her effort into work and us. She doesn`t want to be involved in another realationship. To her, Shaun will always be the light of her life and no other man can take that place. May God reunite them in Heaven.

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