Looking For Me

I am kind of a helpful but stubborn guy who don’t believe in supernatural stuffs. But this thing happened to me last year, when i was doing my first year polytechnic. It was the usual friday weekend where i will stay online until 3am in the morning. But on this particular friday on the 7th month, something happened. I log off from the internet at about 3 am. I was so tired and blur that i went to sleep straight away. Then halfway through my sleep, on my bed, i heard females laughter. It wasn’t scary but its those kind of giggling from cheerful girls. I knew i was sleeping, but my eyes was opened slightly. And i can imagine myself stood up from the bed.

Then i was awaken but the girls laughter. I stood up from my bed and i saw 3 girls who is calling for me. They looked cute and i think they wanted to befriend me. But how come in my room? How did they come in? I don’t know them! They were friendly and they told me that they wanted to introduce me to a friend. So i agreed and they called to go to sleep first and they will bring their ‘friend’ along. Then i went back to sleep. At no time, i was awakened by them again. This time, they brought a friend along but she was very shy. She hid behind them. They then pulled her out and what i saw was a girl in her 16s or 17s, wearing traditional chinese clothes but her face was totally blank! Her face look as if its made white coloured plastic! I wasn’t afraid but i’m just weird. I shaked hand with her and befriend her. Soon, they were gone. Then the next mid-night, i was hoping to see her again. But she wasn’t available and the 7th month still haven’t end yet. Does she needs help from me? Maybe she just wanna befriend me cos i wasn’t sick or you can say… nothing happened to me.

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