Controlling Ghosts

I will always remember that day because it was the Guang Yin Birthday..This incident happened on the night around 4am plus, me and my friends and one of my twin’s brother went to first market at Taman Jurong S11 to chat because one of my friend was having relationship problem. Suddenly our chat drifted to about ghost, we started to feel scared so we stop it. We went home around 4 plus. As we walk home, my friends and my twins brother walk infront of me and all of us wore a Thailand Amulets on us…..SUDDENLY.. my neckles look like begin pull by something, i quickily turned my head over but i saw nothing!!! My brother ask me what happen, i tell him that my neckles has begin pulled by something. My brother said maybe my shirt pull it. Anyway, we don’t care and just walk home.

As we reach home, we started talking about my friends releationship problem, VERY STRANGE! As we think something our brain is messy inside, my twin brother call us not to think anymore. One thing i tell you all, when you can’t think anything or your brain inside is very messy, there might be a ghost in your room.. As i went into the toilet, i saw a black shadow infront of me. It’s true, that i tell my twins brother, he said he also saw some shadow on the living room..The sun is getting brighter and brighter, my mum said is time to go and pray Guang Yin..But one thing very strange, our back suddenly getting very tired but we don’t care and just go and take a taxi..The taxi driver always use his eyes strangely looks at us but never mind.

When we get off the taxi, i saw many white smoke infront of us. We quickily go and pray but have to wait because too many person inside. My mum call us go and eat first at the same time. Finally, it’s our turn. The priest beat our back three time and that tell us that this few ghost is control by one wicked people and the got no leg so they us to carry them….

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