It happen on the 8/9/2007. Which national day and the first day of hungry ghost festival was on the same day. At this very afternoon, my friend and i went to play basketball, it should be an enjoyable day but it turn up to be a tragic. As we were playing 5on5, my friend K when to save the ball from getting out of the court. He manage to save the ball back but he sat on the floor in pain, all of the people in the court when forward to ask whether is he alright. We were all shock,we saw a tiny bone proke through his skin, then we knew that he have broke his arm by using his hand to stop his whole body from banging agianst the wall. After he have broke his arm, he sat on the ground with pain. Immediately my friend V and I carry him to the near by clinic, the doctor said that he need to be send to hosptial for operation.

So V and i bring him on a taxi and head for the hosptial. At this time it was in the evening time, Not long after we reach the hosptial, K mother have arrived the hosptial, the nurse told k mother that K need to go for operation. In order to fix the bone back. About half an hour later, K father arrived the hosptial. After K parent have settle that application form to let K stay in the hosptial, K parent asked us whether have we eaten our dinner and offer to treat us a dinner and send us home. So we when to a nearby coffee shop to have dinner. After the dinner, as K parent are about to send ue home. Just when K father lorry turn out of the carpark, i saw a lady wearing a 60th to 70th clothes sitting still at the bus stop looking striaght then i ask V, whether he got saw that lady but he swear that he did not see anythings not even a sigle soul. At this time we suddenly felt a cold breeze, which made both of our hair stand.

When we reach Jurong, K father lorry stop and he apologise to us that he could`t send us home because that he have to rush back to hosptial to sign a important doucment before K can go operation. Just as i was about to alight from the back of the lorry, i saw one couple of european carrying a big bag walking slowing. As it is normal for euorpean people to have a bag packing trip in singapore so i did not pay much attention to them. When i go off the lorry, i look around i saw no one, only me and V at the bus stop. I ask V whether he have seen any european people around but he gave me the same answer No. At this time i can comfirm that i have seen three special things in one night

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