Lost In Cemetery

There was another time while I was in the patrol unit of “C” Division. Its did really happened! Not pulling your legs with my true encounters!

The old Muslim Cemetery which currently where the Potong Pasir MRT is located was known as Biladari Muslim Cemetery.

It happened during a nightshift (Of cos always nightshift lah, its supposed to be a Ghost story mah. Well got Ghost story happen in the day one? Tiao Bo? hehehe).

It was during the the Chinese 7th Month aka Hungry Ghost Month. It was about 0200hrs in the early morning. I was doing FRC rounds with another regular, this time I was the driver (Finally got my free lisence from SPF!! hooray!!). We overheard our Divisional Ops Room dispatching Potong Pasir 02 (Scooter Patrol from Potong Pasir NPP – That time don’t have NPC yet) to attend to a case of a group of boys climbing over the fence into Biladari Cemetery.

As it was a quiet night, there was not much dispatch from “Control”, we had nothing better to do but criuse the streets.

At about 0215hrs, we heard PP02 reported that they are already at scene and were investigating.

At about 0245hrs, they reported that it was a negative case and that they were resuming patrol.

At about 0330hrs, PP02 reported that they are lost and was unable to find their way out of the cemetery.

At about 0345hrs, some other resources from nearby were dispatch to find PP02.

At about 0400hrs, there was still no sign of them. We were then dispatch by our Div Ops Room to assist.

We arrived at scene at about 0410hrs, the place was very misty. We could see other units in scooters as well as vans and cars switching on their blinkers to attract PP02 but to no avail.

at about 0420hrs, I spotted PP02 about 100 m ahead of us and heading towards us, I horned at them, there was no response. My partner sounded the air horn and again not response. They were heading straight for us. I on our “siren” but again they did not seem to see us. In the next couple of seconds, they passed right by us. We can see their faces. They are familar to us cos we were in the same team in “C” Div. But it seems that they were lost in their own world just like Bermuda Triangle. After passing us, I make a 3 point turn and try to follow them but thick mist cover us and we lose sight of them. On our walkie-talkie sets, we can hear them communicating with our Ops Room. CR09 also reported seeing them but like us, could not get their attention.

At about 0615hrs, PP02 reported to Ops Room that they had finally managed to find their way out. We contacted them and met them at their NPP. Our WO (Watch Officer – a Station Insp) was also there. We enquired from them why they did not response to CR09 or us but both the officer, a Regular and a PNS boy, claimed that they had not encounter or come across any patrol cars in there. How could they have missed CR09 and myself when we horned, air horned, siren and flashing blinkers. To this day, None of us had a logical explantion to the occurrence. Thanks God! Everyone managed to go home safety. Is this a case of Bermuda Triangle occurring right in our own backyard? Only God knows!

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