Lost In OCH

Last year after national day celebrations, me and 2 friends went to old changi hospital. It was not scary at all. I was hoping to die from fear but the place didn’t live up to its reputation. Anyway, my two frens were bloody scared. We had no torchlights except for the light bulbs that we received from the NDP goodies bags. Everything was boring but when we wanted to go back home, we couldn’t find any way back. But the scariest thing is that we keep returning to this particular room for 3 times.

By then, all of us were literally shaking with fear. It was a good thing that we were well versed in Qu’ran(the holy islam book), we started to chant the sacred holy verses and when we tried for the 4th time to get out of the place, we managed to find a staircase leading us to the ground floor. Just for your info, we were on the second floor. Isn’t it weird that for 3 times, we couldn’t find any stairs leading down even though we were on the second floor. Last but not least, all the time that we were lost, me and my fren heard someone walking behind us but my another fren heard someone walkind IN FRONT of us. I swear its true. anything-email me…..

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