Love After Death

It All Began When his girlfriend Sarah was involved in a accident and died from Fatal injuries. Shawn(my friend) was Devastated and cried non-stop and even taught of taking his own life. Lucky i and a few other friends were there to stop him. The day of the funeral was the worst. Shawn wouldn’t allow her to be buried as he didnt want to let go of her. We had to pull him away and hold him down till the coffin was buried. That day he stayed next to the graveyard till the break of dawn as we couldn’t make him go back with us. He went back to the graveyard everyday after that. One day, we noticed something different, he was happy usual self the same way he was when she was alive.

So One Day, We decided to follow him to the graveyard at night to see what was going on. It was about 11.30 pm when he left his house and walked towards the direction of the graveyard as it was located near his house. We kept a distance away from him so he would not find out we were following him. We hid behind a tree so we could see what he was doing. He was sitting near the gravestone waiting for someone or something. We were getting tired so we sat down to rest, we got up to check again and what we saw shocked us. It was her she was right beside him, we could not believe what was happening. Shivers went down our spines as we saw her. The graveyard was windy all of a sudden and very cold.

“Shawn is kissing a ghost” one of my friends shouted. We looked to see and he was really kissing her. Suddenly she turned and looked at us with a fierce look. We didn’t wait to see what happened next we ran as fast as we could home. The Next Day, We informed his parents what was going on and what we saw. Lucky for us his parents were superstious and believed what we said. If it had been someone elses parents they might have taught we were crazy. His Parents were Christian and went to the church to seek help. They told the priest what was going on with their son and he immediatly told his parents to lock him in and don’t allow him to go out. The priest went to his house and examined him. He said “It’s Not Good”.

The Next Day, the priest asked us to bring him to the graveyard where she was buried. He started to chant some prayers and told us to meet him back here at midnight. We all Arrived and were told what to do while he was chanting, after awhile a strong wind blew by then he said “She’s Here.” “Sarah you have long departed this world, why do you still bother your boyfriend, he is alive while you are not you two can’t be, let him live his life in peace. You both can meet after he dies so for now let him be. If you love him, let him continue his life tills its his time to depart from this world”. Suddenly water started to come out of the tombstone as she was crying then suddenly it stopped and the wind was gone and the graveyard was once again a quiet place.

A Few Days Later, my friend was back to normal but he was still sad and missed sarah. We could see he loved her with all his heart and we hope they do meet after death or the next life. A word for those of you out there. Treasure the one you love as you might not know when you will lose them………

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