Keramat Guardian

There was once me and my friends were just hanging around the S-11 coffee shop nearby. We have nothin much to do, so, we decided to check out the Fort Canning hill in which we stumbled across the famous keramat of Iskandar shah. Some of us had been drinkin which is not quite a good idea to pass by there as ppl who had been drinkin are considered ‘dirty’. We went there anyway. Before any of us could set foot on the area of the keramat, a cat suddenly came out of nowhere & hissed at us….We thought nothing was wrong so we jus shooed the cat away but to no avail. It’s the cat instead who took a step forward, not us! I sensed something wrong. The cat is trying to tell us to back off from a holy ‘clean’ place. So, i told my frens to jus wait there & let the ppl who r not drinkin to proceed forward. The cat remained there, eyeing us instead of them! So, we, who had been drinkin, just waited a distance away.

When my fren who had visited the keramat came back from there, the cat was nowhere to be seen, so, we just get out of the place. A guardian of the keramat perhaps? P.S There are tombs of bussiness men & Residents of early Singapore on the other end of the park…Did check it out once. Only both of us are brave enuff to go there…it was about 9 pm mind u…Dis happenned 2 years back…

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