School Of Japanese Cemetery

This story happen to me. It was primary school Six school camping in our school that is in Bedok near by my house. I heard so many stories bout that school. One of them is, the school was occupied by Japanese cemetery before the school was built. And that is true.

One day when we were asleep, I wanted to go to the toilet but none of my friend was awake. So I went to the toilet by myself. I went to the toilet that is near the canteen. When I went there, I saw so many people lining up. When I turn around to streach my body, I turn back to the front there is nobody. So I went to the toilet quickly. When I went back to the hall, I was shocked to see that all my friends were snoring. I quickly shut my eyes and went to sleep. The next morning, I asked my friends did they went to the toilet last night, all of them answers ‘No’.

In the everning, I was playing soccer in the field. The ball went out of the field so I took it. As I was taking the ball, I saw a man sitting up the tree with a long sword. I knew it was a Japanese because it wore it’s cloth exactly during Japanese occupation. On the spot I fainted. The next thing i know I was at home.

From that time onwards, I did not go there to go for any camping. Now the school was abandon.

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