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Walked into my home after work and saw my wife with another guy on my bed. Angered but couldn’t react. All of my body shut down and never thought she would do that.

She admitted that it happened a couple of times in the past 2 months.

On my side I want to be as understanding as possible to human needs and I need to expose myself, my needs for intimacy dropped after I got covid.

I’m an ex rugby player, now can’t even climb a floor up without breathing heavily and high BP followed. So intercourse is dull from me and I can’t help it but to think that that also played a part in this.

We both stopped talking and I want to forgive her as apart from this, she is nothing but a sweetheart..

Please do advise me on how to digest and handle this situation as this is not a textbook scenario. Welcome all types of advice.

Please be respectful and mind not to pick an argument with others.

Netizens’ comments

on YOUR bed? im throwing that bed away if i were u
sorry to say this OP, but i think she’s sorry she got caught, not sorry that she cheated…. 🙁 if you let it go, there is a chance she might do it again. regardless, i wish you all the best
Affairs are usually discrete and you caught your wife on your own bed with another guy. Sad to say, I don’t really think this marriage can be salvaged. I am pretty sure you have an idea on how you should proceed, you don’t need any affirmation from us or trying to find excuses for your wife. It happened and it will happen again.
I’d start looking into a lawyer and prepare to file for divorce.

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