Marine Dr Blk 62

This happened to me about 4 years ago when I was expecting my first child. On returning home from my in-laws place in Pasir Ris, at almost midnight. As I am not someone who is superstitious, I’ve ignored the old saying that requires a pregnant lady to bring a sharp object, onions, garlic etc with her whenever she’s on the move. God! This time I really regretted it! It happened to me not once but about a few times during my first pregnancy. People used to say that these ‘supernatural’ things are most attracted to pregnant women with their first pregnancy.

As I was saying, I was on my way home. Upon reaching the carpark of my house in Marine Dr Blk 62, I could see (from the inside of a taxi) a lady among the rows of motorcycles in the car park. In the blink of an eye, she was nowhere to be found. And a few seconds later, she was at the corner of the taxi where I was in. Upon alighting, I could see her approaching my block. It never occured to me during that very moment that she might probably be a ghost. As I was walking towards my block, I could see that the lady was already there, at the void-deck. Then I started wondering how fast she disappear and reappears again. Or maybe because I was pregnant and my pace was slow?

I headed for the elevator to bring me to the fifth floor. In the lift, I was really thinking hard about that lady. There was something strange… As I was walking along the corridor, out of curiousity I looked down and I saw that lady looking at me and she was trying to float or perhaps fly? Upon seeing that, I made a dash to my house and I wasn’t thinking about my condition during that time. Another habit of mine of not liking to bring the house keys along so I had to knock hard at my house door and awoken everybody up including my neighbour. My family was so shocked to see me when they opened the door. My face was so pale and they thought that I could be labour any time now.

After what I’ve told them, my husband went to look out for the mysterious lady and she was nowhere to be found. My mom told me off for staying out so late alone and ignoring her advice. I still don’t believe that a pregnant women should bring a sharp objects etc along with her coz even though I brought a nail, garlic with me all the while after that incident, I still received disturbances from ‘them’ and worst still it was at my very last moment i.e. in the new K.K. Hospital.

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