Yunnan Garden Terrace

This story was told to me by my friend… he said that this happened to his aunt and cousin. His cousin’s family isn’t the religious sort.

Few years ago they moved to their new terrace at Yunnan gardens . Usually before a muslim stepped into their new house, the male member of the family has to recite a few verses(this is done so that the guardian of the house knowledge them as its new tenants). But they kinda “forgot”.

On the first few nights nothing happened. But on the first thursday night since they moved in, something happened…

Because they haven’t finish unpacking, only one room was available to sleep in. Unfortunately for them their only male was working that night.

So the mother and daughter slept together. At around two in the mornin, the daughter suddenly woke up. She felt “someone” was outside the room and was about to enter. At first, she thought it was a robber but then all the stuff was outside and nothing was in the room except a mattress. The door opened slowly…and when it finally opened, there was no one but total darkness. Suddenly an old women came to the door. She was walking slowly towards them. The daughter quickly woke her mother up. Her mother woke up and saw the old women. She whispered to her daughter saying that it was a “cik pon”(pontianak). The old women got closer to them and was standing beside them. The mother quickly close her eyes and recite any verse that she knew. She opened her eyes hopeing to see the old women disappear but instead the old women was facing her face to face. The old women face was very evil and sinister. The old women stare at her for about ten minutes. It then turn its face straight and began walking towards the window. But before it went, it suddenly said….

“So old don’t even know how to recite a verse properly.”

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