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My good friend, Esther, died out of possession in 1999. She was 22 then.

I do not wish to go into details of her death, because believe me, after more than 3 years, I am still living a confused soul when reminded of the ‘event’. What I just wish to disclose, and for the sake of knowledge to all, is that, ghosts and the unthinkable aren’t there, less one ‘created’ them, OR advocate their existence.

Think about the supernatural post-trauma that those people involved in ‘Exorcist’, and you will get what I truly mean.

She had always indulged herself with a make-belief consolation that beauty and the supernatural is harnessable and potent. A medium-friend of ours added more conviction to that, by summoning a combination of beings; pontianak, liangsuir, pelesit, Goddess of Mercy, polong, etc, for such purpose at an expensive price. It was too scary and regretful for me to go on; but till today, I was never able to forget the stench of the joss-sticks that were used because it gradually liberated the strongest scent of a kind of wildflower that I never experienced in my life.

Sooner than that, we caught a fair share of glimpses of ‘beings’ closing in forth. They kept appearing and disappearing, that we felt the same thing was happening to the temple. It was then that, Esther (Peace On Her Soul) shook out of fear and confusion, while she kept on mentioning that all were about to die. She did die in a horrific possession, that we witnessed her ruptured body in full demonic flight circling above us. The last time I heard was that her siblings and family had already migrated out of Singapore.

The truth is, we were still able to communicate with Esther in real life, whenever we ‘make’ ourselves feel her ‘presence’. It is real. But at the same time, a kind of living trap.

I hope and wish all do not ‘make’ themselves victims as those were, for the sake of your own family and friends. The world is a beautiful place, for those who live real and right. Mark these words. Thank you.

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