Jurong West Blk 639

I was 8 years old back then. My parents decided to get a flat somewhere near my grandparent’s place near pioneer mrt station. After much looking n surveying, we finally found a unit at blk 639 which we think was “suitable”. My siblings and i were very excited. Furthermore our neighbours are very friendly.

After renovation and all, with the rest of the money gotten from the sale of our previous house, my dad brought us for a holiday to Indonesia. We left the house empty for a whole week. When we came back from our trip, one of our neighbour told us that she had seen a weird-looking indonesian couple wearing some kind of traditional javanese costume knocking at our door, but we didn’t think too much of it. Then the “nightmare” begin.

One startled night, i was reading a ghost story book which was a present from my maths tutor. If i was not mistaken, it was 2am before i tucked in to bed. I slept on the upper deck of my double-decker bed. I placed the book under my pillow. At about 4.30am, i was awakened by something which i was not sure of myself. I was lying flat on my back when out of sudden i couldn’t move. It’s like as if an overweight man was sitting on me. I tried to shout for my mom but no voice came out from my mouth. Then i heard an eerie laughter of a lady from what i believe was a pontianak, from the lower deck where my brother was sleeping. It was really loud. After a while everything went back to normal. It happened to me almost every night. If there’s no laughter of that lady, i would see a black round object hanging over me. It really scared me out of my wits.

There was one incident when my cousin slept over. This time it was not me. It was my younger brother. My younger sister has a 3 wheel bicycle and it was placed in my room. On that particular night, my brother was shakened up from sleep. His eyes caught a young girl sitting on my sister’s bicycle looking down with her long hair covering part of her face. On her hand was one of the story books which belong to our mini library. My brother was a cry-baby at that time. He was so scared, he cried softly to himself with his ninja turtle soft toys covering his face till he fell asleep. The next morning he asked my cousin whether she’s the one on the bicycle. The answer, obviously and absolutely not.

After 6 years of “nightmare”, finally my parents decided to move out to new flat a few blocks away. I thought my mom just want to have a new environment but when i told her about the things i’ve gone thru all those years, she admitted that she was also being disturbed at night and it happened only when my dad was on the night shift. She would be “paralysed” to bed and when she looked around, the whole room seemed to be in a big mess. Now i know her real reason to move out…I really pity the family who bought my house. My family’s “nightmare” has ended, their “nightmare” has just begun.

Believe it or not this story which i wrote is nothing but the truth. It really happened to me and my family.

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