Westwood Terrace

I was only 2 years old when this happened. My family and my relatives rented a terrace at Westwood Terrace for a few nights. The location was very near to the woods. I did not sleep there because I cried everytime I went there. My mother sensed that something was wrong when I cried because the cryings was too loud.

On the first night, my aunt was washing some plates when she saw two red, evil eyes staring at her. She gulped. She looked away and said some prayers. She closed the tap and walked to the room where my relatives were. She did not dare look back as she was scared.

The next day, another of my aunt (Aunt) and her husband (Uncle) were in one of the rooms. Uncle was sleeping so Aunt went outside into the garden to hang some wet clothes as the day was very hot. When she finished hanging the clothes, she suddenly saw Uncle excercising in the garden. He was wearing a jacket even it was a hot day. Aunt noticed that he looked a bit different. “Why did you wake up and why are you excercising. You never excercised since we were married.” asked Aunt to Uncle. “I do not know,” grumbled Uncle. Uncle was still excercising when Aunt went into the house.

Aunt went into her room to get some more clothes to hang. When she went into the room, she saw uncle sleeping. Aunt was shocked because she did not remember seeing Uncle pass by her when she went into the house.

That night, everybody was in the living room telling jokes and drinking coke. Uncle told a very funny joke that made everyone laugh so hard. Then everyone drank the coke. But the laughing did not stop. Somebody was laughing but they could not find who was laughing. They stopped drinking. The laughing was still on. Nobody was laughing but they could hear somebody laughing.

The next day they went straight back home.

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