Toa Payoh blk 207

Hi there..its me again with my few stories that have been happening in my old flat blk 207 in Toa Payoh. As my brother is still recovering for the trauma in our house, we do have other disturbances happening.

One night, as I reading a novel, I heard aloud thud outside my window. It was around midnite and I got curious as what had fell from above. I tried to look out from my room window but I can’t see anything cos it was dark. So I went out to the kitchen to look out again cos I heard people shouting from above. Then I woke up my dad to see what’s wrong. But as we both wondering of the commotion..I saw someone’s body inside the drain. Someone must have fallen from above and I shouted to my father about the body. We know the next day that the deceased was a robber that tried to rob old couple from the 10th floor when he slipped from the pipe in the kitchen when someone saw him threatening the couple with a knife. So actually I don’t really take notice of it but still shocked to find dead body outside my window as we staying in the 2nd floor.

Until few nights after the incident, I was feeling uneasy whenever I tried to sleep. I can feel the room was quite warm but I have my brother to accompany me. As I was falling asleep, I feel that the room was cold and breezing and suddenly I saw 3 figures above me coming from my room window. The spirits were spinning me around and I can’t seem to feel my brother with me. So I did say some prayer and the spirits kind of vanished and I can feel the warmth of my room again. So whenever I tried to close my eyes, I kinda feel that the spirit tried to haunt me again. So I was furious and I curse the spirits not to bother me and show itself if possible. I’ve waited for couple of minutes for the spirit to show itself but to no avail. So I decided to sleep in my parents room and woke my dad.

As my parents are too sleepy to hear me, I just lied down and suddenly as I was looking at the fish tank in the hall…it seems the fishes turn into a demon kind of look and the thing keep showing itself whenever I turn. I was terrified and screamed. My mum panicked and my dad asked me whats wrong. My dad said that I never did wash my face after I witnessed the body and he gave me some prayer rites. This is one of the nightmares that I’ve encountered and its coming from the we’ll see again soon…

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