Melbourne Apartment

I have an experience which is not scary, but rather, a very uneasy encounter. When I was studying in Melbourne, there was once, when we were looking for an apartment, that my friend and I visited a really cheap apartment in Toorak. Thinking I found a gem (cheap place in an upmarket area), we were just about to open the door, that I suddenly had a funny feeling (when I look at the door bell; those 60-70s ring-very-loud-kind).

The moment we entered, I just knew something was not right. The odd thing is, it was perfect in every way! The balcony was bright, view was a nice patch of grass. The flat was well kept, full of sunlight. Elementary school nearby, so should be quite bustling with activity, not ulu at all!

The uneasy feeling was building up was we looked around the place. But I could tell she was feeling uneasy, so we just left the place quickly. When we were out of the block, I asked her if she was uncomfortable in there, she nodded her head so hard. She also said it started at the door before we went in, wa lau! Obviously, we did not take the place in the end. Sometimes, eerie places are not the dark and dingy ones…

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