I used to have this rock band which was into japanese rock. When my band disbanded, i found another guitarist called Gene. He lives in Hougang and has 2 dogs, both male. I went to his home to practice on some X japan songs, but when we turned on a song called “FOREVER LOVE”, one of his dogs keep howling. It seemed like it was crying. It kept looking at the speakers and howled like a mad dog. The funny thing was there were tears in the dogs eyes.

I asked Gene what was his dog up to, he told me that his dog would behave in this manner when he saw spirits…but this time it was just a song, was this japanese rock bands song satanic. Could it have some funny spiritual callings? We on and off the music to see if his dog cried when we stoped. But when we stoped the Cd, so did the dog. The way the dog cried gave me the creeps. It was so scary.

I prayed for my safety when i went home. While i was praying, i saw a bolt of red lights flash pass his living room into the kitchen and out of his window. Gene’s dog turned his head and howled at where the light had left. Has the spirit left ? Well, all i know was when we played the song again, the dog did bark but he had stoped his scary howling. I left for home shortly and i felt i was watched by someone when i went home. Nothing happened to me and i thank my god for blessing me.

I checked on the history of the band X-Japan and what i found out was the guitarist called “Hide” had commited suicide in his own home. I figured out that might be his spirit or presence that made the dog cry.

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