Mum Got Harrassed

My mom got “harassed” by a spirit once when she was young (living in kampong). She said she just felt really ill and cold and everything she see is slanted so she was not able to walk properly. Initially the family thought my mom was sick but it did not seem right even after a few days, so they brought her to a medium. The medium told the family that a spirit decided to play a trick on my mom and harassed her, and luckily it was not harmless. The medium even said the spirit is of an Indian woman’s and “hooked” (lack of better word ) onto my mom when my mom was in the woods in the kampong.  The spirit probably went away after that.

Another similar story I heard from my mom, happened to one of our distant relatives. This woman was a Christian and had a young daughter, probably around 6 to 9 years old. One day the daughter fell really ill too, fever I think, and the mom just thought she was sick too. However, it lasted for a really long time and other relatives tried to persuade her to go to a medium instead as they think the girl could have been harassed by an evil spirit instead. However the mom being a Christian refuse to believe in mediums and spirits and stuff, and soon the daughter passed away. She was devastated. Only after the death of her daughter she consulted a medium with her relatives, and the medium told her if only she had approached her earlier, her daughter could have been saved … turns out the daughter met an evil spirit on her way home from school, passed by a banana tree. The female spirit waved at the girl and tried to take her away … and succeeded.

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