Violent Banging

Many years back, when I was in Pri School, I used to spend my holidays at my Grandma’s. Some ulu kampong in Malaysia. Then on the day I went back, it so happened that one of the villagers passed away. When I arrived the whole village was involved with the helping out of the funeral and stuff and everything only ended in the evening. I’m someone who only sleep comfortably in my bed. If go to other place, no matter how shiok, I can’t sleep tight. So that night, I was sleeping in the living room. A couple of us. I rmb being one of the last to sleep. And I woke up after 3/4 hours of sleep. So there I was alone in the big and dark house trying to doze off once again. iirc it was only 2 or 3am.

Somehow I fell asleep soon after, and again after a short sleep, I woke up. This time to the noise on the front door! I swear on that night something was banging on the door so hard it look like ripping apart the wooder door to pieces. And the thang was that, only I heard it. The ppl who was sleeping around me was still fast asleep. Even my granma and my aunts who are light sleepers didnt woke up. I broke out in cold sweat, trying my best to ignore what I heard. But come on, if someone knock on your door lightly in the wee hours, you can;t even sit still! How to sleep? The knocking went on for quite some time. I remember looking at the clock, praying hard the sun will rise the next minute. But it was not to be, so I tried my best to sleep. Or at least, just to imagine I’m sleeping.

I couldn’t take it anymore woke up my mom. As usual when a kid saw this thing, adult brushed them off. Somehow, I manage to sleep after that. I couldn’t forget what happened that night. I can’t explain it either. So 2 years ago, I went back to the kampong again. During one of the chit chat session, we were talking about ghosts and stuff. So I relate that story to my aunt who was living in that house. And guess what she say? She say she experienced the same thing! Very often around dusk 7pm, she would hear it. The exact same thing. Louding violent banging on the front door. She opened the door once and twice and no one was there. I don’t know how she get the courage to live with them. It only happened to me once and I couldn’t forget them!

Anyway, if you live long enough in that village, you get ‘immune’ to these stuff. That aunt of mine, she once saw a lady without legs. Literally floating. And did my aunt run? Hell no!

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