My Beloved Grandma

Well well, counting the years, my grandma had already passed on for 10 yrs. She was a lovely person who caters to all my needs since I was a baby. As mum doesn`t like staying home, she found a job and put my brother, sister and me into grandma`s care. Since the time when I can remember things, grandma was the person I saw most. She was the person I goes to when I did something wrong. (Haha, coz she will protect me from mummy`s cane.)

As time goes, grandma`s health withered and in no time, she was suffering from kidney problems, diabetics and even more illnesses. When I was in Secondary 3, my dad came to school to pick me up one day and he told me that we are going to the hospital to visit my grandma before she pass on. I was horrified by the news and started crying all the way from Ang Mo Kio to NUH.

It was such a tragic happening to me. I never thought grandma would leave me so soon. I thought she will be with me at least for another 20-30 years. But life is cruel, things/people are taken from us when we starts to appreciate them.

So it goes and we went through grandma`s funeral and cremation with unbearable thoughts and our tears. About a mth later (the so call 49 days after death), I had a dream. In my dream, I was sweeping the floor when I suddenly felt someone behind me. But that was impossible as I was alone at home. I turned around to have a look in order to put myself at ease. However, I was stunned. I saw grandma outside the window. Goodness, I was staying on the seventh floor at that time and there is no way a person can stand right outside my window.

I was feeling very happy to see grandma and I kept talking to her, but she seems weird as she is not replying to me at all. Other than nodding and shaking her head, she just looks warmly at me. Slowly she stretched her hand towards me. It seems that she wants me to hold her hands. So I did. I tried putting my hands into hers, but the problem is that I can`t seems to hold her. I kept passing through her hands.

As this point, she put her hands down and slowly fade away from my sight. I was not scared at all as I loved her very much and maybe she is just back to visit me for a last time.

I told mum about this the next day and before I came to the ending of my dream, my mum asked whether did I give my hands to grandma. I ask mum about the consequences if I had and mum said grandma might bring me with her. Knowing this, I lied and told mum that I did not give my hands to her.

Finally during Chin Ming Festival this year when we went to pray to my grandma, I told mum the truth. I told her I did give my hands to her and I did not want mum to know about it then because I am scare mum might be upset about it.

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