My Encounter

Well actually my story is short and simple. I will compile all my encounters into 1 page because all the same in 1 place. Ghim Moh, what i heard is a place where many war victims were buried there. What i know is that every Chinese Ghost Festival, there will be a group of chinese monks will go around the estate to Say Prayers.

My first one happen when i was in sec 1 a school camp, Ghim Moh Sec School, during the June Holidays. Before we went to sleep, our Instructors instruct us to close the window while we sleep in the Class rooms. So on the second night, i and my friends decided to [Torn] the whole night throught. So we decide to open the windows and play cards. Well for 1 thing i dunno how to play cards so i decide to Look out the Window. Hmm i dunno about at around 1 am, (Hey i don’t look at the Time ok), i saw a few strange things.(opposite Ghim moh sec was Ghim Primary sch) It happens when i saw one of the class room lights where switch on. I looked carefully what the Hell… happening. Suddenly, i saw a kid walk in the room, I turn around a told my friends . When we looked across it disappered. Everything was back to normal.

My friends knocked my head and say i was sleeping….(i guess so). But when they continued to play their game, I felt a chill and my hair starts to stand. I immediately shut the windows and when to sleep. I dunno what actually happen. Maybe i was tired and i was hillusinating. But at the last day, i told my instructors, they said “See we told you not to open the windows. One of the instructors also experience the same thing.” Who knows ..maybe there are some more people in the camp experience this.

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