My Experience

One night in the Hungry Ghost Festival, my grandma told the children not to stay up past midninght as the “Thing” will come and get us. We don’t quite believe her, so we stay past midnight telling stories of haunted house etc…

Then,a young girl, age between five to seven years old,came and join us in the story telling. We were puzzled of the girl’s coming and ask lots of questions. My friend, Jazz, ask her where she lived but she just laughed and ask Tim, who is telling his story halfway, to continue. We ask again for 13 times. This time, the girl was irritated. She told us she lived in a far place and was looking for her mummy. She told us she was abandoned and her sort of foster parents let her out of the house only once per year. We were even puzzled and ask her who her mum is, but she just kept her mouth shut. Then,Jim ask her where her house is? She laughed and told us:”My house is very far from here, infact it is beneath the ground.” We were even puzzled. We ask where is that exraordinary place she mentioned.She grinned evily and shouted “HELL!” We were shocked. A girl from hell?? We ran all the way home as the girl chased us. She can even fly.’A Flying Ghost?’I thought puzzled.

We finally reached my house. My grandma told us off when we told her what happened. We swore not to never listen to old people’s saying again. End of my own true experience.

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