Hungry Ghost Festival

Hello, I got something to share with you all and i think its fact that i’m saying. This is not a fake or make-up story. By the way, i only wanted to be known as *Paladin*.

Here it goes…

Do you know why they call it a Hungry Ghost Festivals? Chinese don’t like their children to use utensils and hit on their bowl. Its is a form of bad table manners, but theres more to it.

I was told by my friend, whom is a religious guy. He go to temple every 1st and 15th or the lunar month. He’s a vegetarian and practices chinese religion (Taorism or Buddhism, can’t remember). As everyone knows, those who had done evil on earth, will be sent to hell to be punished. And in chinese religious knowledge, the ‘prisoners’ suffers in hell by having their throat opening decreased. They cannot eat because their throat opening is small. Food cannot go into their throat. And if they drink, they will have a terrible burning sensation on their throat. Since they are undead, they will not die from hunger nor thirst. They can only eat once a year, on this special (7th month of lunar calendar) month. On this month, their throat opening will become large, and they can eat like a normal person.That is the time where they all rushed out to eat the offerings offered by their families or the those left on the ground. I was told that you cannot eat the offerings on the floor during this month. Its because the food will be taste-less and the ghost had ‘eaten’ it.

At hell, since they cannot eat, they suffer by temtation of the guards. The hell guards uses thei chopsticks and knock on their bowl. So when the ‘hell prisoners’ heard the knocking, it will remind them of food, but they can’t eat. So they can be very angry when hearing the knocking of utentils on the bowl. (As the phrase goes .. A hungry man is an angry man). Thats one of the reason why chinese families don’t like the idea of knocking the bowl with your utensils. It may just provoke them.

Lastly, i heard this from my lab technician who studied geomacy. He said that Ghost are light. Thats why they float. They follow where the wind blows them to. The place which have more ghost is the open area. E.g The seaside, swimming pool e.t.c

I think thats all. Hope my short article here is clear enough for your understandings. See you guys and i hope to see of more articles on your official ‘hunting’ trips! Take care!

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