My Haunted Old House – 191 Boon Lay Drive

I am gonna share a story that happened in my previous house.

In fact, I had a lot of encounters during my 12 yrs stay in that flat.

The most eerie thing about that house has always been from the kitchen. The kitchen was designed in an inverted ‘l’ shaped where there is a sink located next to the fridge hence lights from the window is pretty limited.

Anyway, my pc is placed in the living room having my back facing a very big praying alter. My mom used to be an active member of a ‘sin tua’. However, since my uncle who used to stay with us, moved out and brought along my late grandfather’s tablet with him, we always have a lot of strange sounds coming from the kitchen. Not forgetting, the talisman which was stick on the wall outside our house, above the door, tore on it’s own after that. And i always tell my mom that the worship ‘idol’ seems to be empty unlike how it was in our previous house in Bukit Merah.

Many nights after my o levels, i would stay up and surf net, chit chat, play games on my pc into wee hours in the morning. And every single night i will always have this strong feeling constantly that someone is staring at me from the kitchen. Every time i look back, there’s nothing. Apart from the ‘stares’, there will always be this ‘tud’ sound like someone placing the cup down, coming from the kitchen where my grandfather’s tablet used to be at. Many times i always thought it was my dad as he sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night and head for a cup of water without switching on the lights. But every time i check, my dad is always sleeping like a log.

Once, which i thought was the worse, was when i was happily gaming away, with both my parents asleep, there was a loud bang that came from the inside of our shoe cabinet. Our shoe cabinet was place in the house you see. It can’t be any form of mouse that had sneak in without opening it! That was the final straw for the night. I immediately shut down and head to bed.

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