My Love

Hisham and I have been going steady for 2 years, from the time I was in Secondary 2. He was in Sec 4 then. We were not from the same school, but I was introduced to him by a friend, on his birthday party. Since then, our relationship blossomed. He was every girl’s desire. I loved him with all my heart, and I’m sure he felt the same way for me too. He was the love of my life.

One fateful night though, we had a big fight and that time we were arguing about the few guys who kept calling me through my handphone. He want that to stop, but I insist that they are just friends. I told him to stay reasonable, and don’t overreact. He then left without a word because he knew that whatever he is going to say, I am not going to hear it. He was really disheartened at me being very aggressive towards him. I got very angry, and asked for a breakup. I didn’t know why I said that, I believed angry took control over me. He was petrified. He wanted me to stay, but I stay firm on my decision to leave…and left in a huff without turning behind to even glance at him.

The next day, his sister called to say that Hisham was involved in an accident. He died, due to the loss of blood. It was a hit and run accident. I was mourning by then. I cried endless tears. I went to his house to see his body, and there he was, his face looking as handsome as always. I kissed his forehead, saying silent goodbyes and praying at the same time for God to forgive his sins. I can see that he is very well-loved by his family. I felt very guilty, because of me asking for a breakup, he was distracted and involved in an accident. He died..because of me!!!

After the incident, throughout the nights, I can only cry for his soul. Though my family told me to calm down and accept the fact, I still kept on thinking about him.

One night, while I was staring at his photo in my hand and remembering the times we had together, suddenly a gust of wind blew past me. I was puzzled, because the window and doors of my room were closed. But I dismissed it as my imagination. I went to sleep later on. On that night, I dreamed of him. Gosh..he was still handsome as he was. He smiled and waved goodbye. He was crying..and I woked up, feeling my pillow slightly damp, maybe from crying. I looked at the time, it was exactly 12am. I went back to sleep again.

The next day, I see the calendar and noticed that it was the 15th, and remembered it was my anniversary with him, exactly 2 years. I cried again, this time more excessively. I now knew why he came to me, he wanted to wish his final goodbye and also to wish me happy anniversary. I cried again…I say a final prayer for him, and hoped he’d rest in peace. He was my love…

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