Devil’s Cards

This story is about my good friend Vic. He was raised in a Christian family. Vic has this deck of Tarot Cards which had bothered him since it was given to him on his 19th birthday. He had never liked such stuffs and had always opposed the use of such cards, but he had never had the thought of throwing it away untill I went to his home for a group project.

I saw the pack of cards on one of his shelves and asked him if it was okey to play with it, but he said he was going to throw it away and he is a spiritual kinda guy so he told me not to open it, but i did anyway.

After browsing through the cards, Vic took it from me and brought it to the kitchen and i saw him throwing it into the rubbish chute which leads all the way down to the 1st floor of his flat. I left his house after completing half the project, so we agreed to meet on the following day to complete it.

The very next day, when i went to his house, i saw the pack of Tarot cards on his shelve again. I asked him if he bought a new pack, but to my surprise he didn’t realise that the pack of cards was there untill i mentioned it. He became very disturbed so he decided to tell his father about it. We followed his father to the drain below his flats, there his father uttered some prayers and burnt the cards away.

Ever since then, it never appeared in his home again. Do you own a pack of TAROT CARDS?

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