Friendly Banana Tree

This incident happened to me just a few months ago. I and my guy always liked to go to Kent Ridge Park. We always rode in his bike to reach the park which is situated in a hill.

One night, we went there and sat at a place where we always sit. This particular place is very quiet and we have never seen anyone sitting there the numerous times we went there. We always liked to joke that this particular seat is ours.

As we were chatting, my guy kept being very distracted. And he kept telling me that he was hearing noises from the jungle. I just told him to ignore everything. After an hour, we wanted to leave. As we were walking towards the flight of steps that we have to ascend to reach the road, my guy turned back towards the jungle. And kept staring at something with a fascinated look on his face. I knew something was wrong so I didn’t turn to look. Instead, I was pulling at his hand and urging him to climb the stairs faster. He was telling me look but I did not. I was scared stiff. At last we reached the top of the stairs. My guy wanted to tell me what happened but I told him to keep his mouth shut until we reached his bike.

When we reached his bike, he told me what he saw and I nearly fainted. He told me that when he turned back, he saw the banana tree in the jungle. And a single leaf of the tree was moving to and fro as if waving goodbye to us! All the other leaves were not even moving a bit as there was no wind blowing. When I heard this, I told my guy that that’s the last time we are coming to this place. And I mean it!!!!!!

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