My Personal Encounter

My first experience was when i was in PAP. I was first brought to the PAP at Kim Keat Link TPY, near my house there and i remembered it was my 1st day in school. Everything went well until lunchtime. I drank too much water and need to go to the restroom so i excused myself from the table and headed there.. but when i was walking down the corridor I saw this Malay auntie who was going very very slowly and she kinda blocked my whole front view, probably i was too short and small that time. Her hair was real long and straight. It reached the floor nearly then i was nearing her and starts to feel real cold so i fastened my pace and when i was just 1 or 2 steps behind her I saw very clearly that she’s floating and has no feet and she wasn’t even wearing any long pants or dress but i just cant see her feet. I was rooted to the ground and couldn’t move an inch, just beside her and then i shut my eyes but i can feel her breath on my hair i wanted to shout but my voice just got stuck somehow and i pee on my new school skirt then i started crying which alarmed my teachers. First day new school new clothes and i dirtied them all.

Here’s another one more recent, and it did left a blow on me my secondary school time it was the December school holidays.. which during my time, my family likes going to chalets.. so that time was to the Pasir Ris resorts..

From TPY to Pasir Ris, will pass by the expressway right normally my dad will drive from his company a small lorry(pick-up) and will filled it up with the luggage and also 4 bicycles.. which my bro and i will be seated at the back.. So that was during my sec. 2.. i was sitting at the window right behind the driver’s seat.. we were up on the expressway.. then there’s this big drain, whereby there were railings and it started drizzling slightly but with the help of the headlights from the car behind us, i could see a woman brushing her hair, sitting on the railings.. which seems pretty insane.. so i decided to nudge my bro and ask him to see it too.. but he said he saw nth.. so i looked again and shit.. she was smiling and waving to me with her freaking skinny fingers and she just fall back down from the railings.. which left my jaw dropped and me rooted to the back hard hump on the lorry..

that’s not all yet.. i turned and looked through the window from the the back.. and look at the screen.. i saw a blurriness white man figure bending down in the middle of the expressway picking up something.. which made me bang the window to ask my dad to stop his lorry, but before i could say anything.. i saw my dad’s lorry drove right through the man.. when i turned back facing the window (which means I’m looking opposite the traffic flow), i saw no figure nothing but a old man’s rubber slipper.. those brown ones.. which you can see some old man wearing to the wet markets.. alright we finished the rest of the expressway peacefully.

but it didn’t end there.. my dad had to drive pass this forest to the Pasir Ris Park.. we were at the back, wet and cold from the drizzle.. but suddenly a real cold wind blew pass us which my little bro could feel it too.. and then i could smell something rotten and it’s really bad.. getting stronger and stronger.. so i just raised my head and look from the top of the lorry.. and saw this boy.. couldn’t see his head because it was the trees and he was standing in front of the tree which was at the pavement.. (that’s my first thought), but when we drove nearer.. i realized it was not the trees.. the boy totally had no HEAD at all! but his arm was moving and waving at me.. wriggling his fingers! i was like WTF.. then when we drove further down.. my dad’s lorry ran over something which was like a huge hump.. my bro said he saw a rock.. but no it wasn’t it was something pale, rotten.. and it roll facing me.. it freaking was the boy’s head! my heart dropped man.. and i started to vomit.. so my dad drove faster and we went to the chalet and i just ran to the toilet and puke out whatever that’s in my stomach..

My grandparents went to the chalet first so my grandmother was freaking worried bout me and started to question me what i saw.. she freaked out.. she was a Presbyterian.. so she always insisted me, as a Presbyterian as well to wear the cross pendant.. which i didn’t really liked during sec. school.. So my grandma could possibly guess what causes all these.. flashback needed here… so here’s what happened.. before i left my house.. i changed my usual cross pendant to a creature looking kinda pendant which i bought from this spree shop at Chinatown (i find it cool and evil looking.. you know unusual stuff).. so my grandma at that time, wanted me to get rid of it.. as she believed that it’s something creepy bout my creature pendant.. so i took it off. wrapped it up.. and left it at the public toilet at the chalet.. which i had to apologize to “the spirit” in it and ask it to let me off.. but something kinda strange happened.. cause when i went back to the chalet room.. i saw it right there at the dressing table.. no wrappings nothing.. just that pendent itself.. i totally freaked out..

So the next day, my grandma took me to church and ask the pastor to help me get rid of it and stay far away from me.. even though the pendant was with the pastor.. i just fell ill.. real ill.. fever for almost 2 weeks… my body all turned reddish. and my parents brought me to see a couple of clinics and took me to blood tests at polyclinic as they think i got dengue but.. it wasn’t.. which ended me up in Alexandra hospital and turned out i got infected with fever virus.. i was on the sick bed for like 4 days but my fever didn’t go down and my skin was still reddish.. so my grandma thought of “the spirit” in my pendant.. she brought the pastor to my ward.. and the pastor says that my pendant take me as its owner and i was only the one who can get rid of it.. and the method was weird.. real WEIRD.. he wanted me to slit my finger a little and drip some blood onto it.. says some prayer which is meant to ask it to leave me alone and command it to follow my pastor and take him as the owner instead..

the funny part is this.. after that, my fever went down back to normal temperature but I’m always feverish.. and my skin went back to normal color but more pale though.

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