My Haunted School

My primary school is over 125 years old. During the 2nd world war, it served as a military hospital. During my 6 yrs there in primary school, there were many interesting happenings. Our sch has a host of Italian nuns who’ve stayed there for many years, and I’m sure they’ve met their fair share of spooks but of course they’ll keep mum in order not to scare the little children. But when I was in primary 3 or 4, my 1st encounter and story was pretty much the toilet kind…

The teachers used to tell us to go to toilet in pairs. Never really understood why but perhaps this is the reason: When my buddy and I went to the toilet that day (presumably the most haunted toilet in the school was at the 1st floor at the corner near the back of the sch in a secluded corner, worst, it was always dark there) we both went into cubicles (they still had the squatting ones that time) to do our business. when we were done, we washed our hands together in the long basin…but as we looked up into the mirror, we both saw…. this figure behind us. it seemed to be floating in between the cubicles. I can roughly still remember the face… quite eerie looking, and both my buddy and I ran out of the toilet. After that, we heard stories that there were “things” sucking on the used sanitary pads and there were things flying around in that particular toilet.

The corridor that lead to our school field (which was near the main entrance had its fair share of spooks as well… On the way to another class, we’d catch glimpses of shadows (in the day time, in a room where there was only one window and one door) dancing around away from the areas where shadows would normally be cast (if there was sunlight) My primary sch was eerie and the Chapel was one of those places where you could feel ‘things’ in.

Incident in the Chapel: I believe the entities we’ve seen in the chapel were not malicious. the chapel was an enclosed area with only one door and it was always cool and comfortable inside, what with the cushioned pews and ambiance candlelight.

However, something always seemed to blow at the candles when there were only a few souls (i.e a sister, and a few of my classmates) or even when you were alone in the chapel. Air drafts skeptics would say, but I remain unconvinced.

When I was in upper primary, my sch closed for renovations and we moved to a temp unit close to mt vernon along aljunied road (u guys can fig out which primary sch i was from =/) there had its fair share of spooks as well…

I was usually in charge of the OHPs, lighting and TV recorders and usually spent my time with some of the other reps in the AV room. This sch compound was fairly large and the AV room was at the 4th floor at a secluded corner. Don’t tell me about things moving about as that was a regular sight at the AVA room. I can still remember the teacher scolding us about misplacing items….

Our science rooms were another place where there paranormal activity… I can’t remember how, but we’ve always heard weird noises coming from locked rooms and locked cupboards and locked sheds which no one seems to have the key to.

My primary sch has since moved back into its old compound, and last I heard, it still maintains its former glory.

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