My Personal Experiences

1) This happen during my secondary years, i was in NPCC, we were having a camp at school. During one of the nights, we had a night walk session. We were suppose to walk from Ang Mo Kio all the way to UPPER and LOWER PIERCE reservoir. While walking along the UPPER PIERCE, the stretch near the reservoir, only a few of the lamps were working and they were all wide apart along this stretch.

Nothing unusual when we were traveling to the reservoir but something funny happened while we were going back. We were arranged in a single line, while our seniors and teachers walk along our sides at the front, center and the end of the line.

I was walking right at the end of the line with a senior and a teacher. I have a habit of looking around while walking so happen that when we were walking back, i saw something funny.

While walking back in that dim stretch of road, every time we past the lamp post, i noticed 4 shadows on the floor but there were only 3 of us at the back!!! More of curious than anything, i asked my senior about it. He looked kinda of stunned and told the teacher about it. The teacher, however, just asked both of us to ignored it and continue with our walk.

I kept looking for the “extra” shadow till it disappears when the stretch resumes to the brightly lit area…till this day, i still have no idea what was it

2) This also happen while i was in secondary, also something related to NPCC , i remembered it was the same year. We were having a farewell party in school for our seniors. We had DnD in the late evening after our usual training on Sat.

After the sumptuous dinner, me and a few of my friends head for the school hall for the party. Opposite of the entrance to the hall was just windows overseeing the basketball court below. When we were about to enter the hall, i saw a white figure through those windows.

My school was surrounded by HDBs so i thought it might be fallen laundries from the apartments, no big deal right? However, there was something amiss, instead of falling straight down by the laws of gravity, that piece of “laundry” was drifting slowly horizontally across the panel of windows.

I went and showed my friends that were beside me and they went …so being curious all of us went down and to the basketball court to see where that piece of “laundry” landed, but saw and found nothing

We decided to forget the whole incident and just make our way back to enjoy the rest of the night when suddenly, we heard bouncing of a basketball!!! BUT WE JUST LOOKED AROUND AND THERE WASN’T ANYONE OR ANYTHING

Next thing that happened, we sped off at lightning speed back to hall

3) This happened recently, last December. My SO’s grandma died, and one night while i stayed over her place to watch DVD, i saw something…

My SO’s grandma’s room was beside the TV in the living room, my SO fell asleep halfway through the show. She was leaning on me while she dozed off. On the other side of the living room was the balcony, where she had sliding panels that shuts the balcony from the living room.

There on the sliding panels i saw an old lady walking out of her grandma’s room, but obviously no one was supposed to be there, not to mention it was 2am, all the rest of her family already slept. While i told her and her family of my encounter, it so happen my description of the old lady matches that of grandma even the clothes that she was wearing for her crematory (for your info, grandma died before i started with my SO so i never met her before)

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