My School Basement

About 4yrs ago, npcc was having a drill, so they need guns to practice and the guns were stored in the basement……thus the teacher and two NCOs went down and load themselves with the guns…M-16s …

As it was dark and the dimmed light was not enough to see clearly…they took about 20 ‘son of the guns’ (M-16 rifles lah) and hurried to the door. Beams of sweat drooling down their head and bodies.

Suddenly, they saw an ‘one-eyed caped dwarf’ running about the door figeting with the switches and door knobs. The thing was laughing at them and took a thing to throw at them. The teacher picked it up and discovered that it was shaped like a human ear…..

Scared and frightened, they bravely took the bayonet of the gun and hacked at it but unsuccessful. They got out of there and ran to get assistants. The whole group of cadets went down and investigated the site. True enough, there was this reddish ear shaped rubbery organ which then wandered back to the basement (the end of it)

Frozen pple as they were, got the hell out of there ASAP, the ‘cher’ requested for a transfer and the two NCOs were sent to the ‘ban-jiao’ for counsellin

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