St. John Island

It happen when i was in primary five, my primary school organised a camp for primary five students at St. John Island. The place was damm creepy, there were many tall trees around. There were only a few building there, that was our eating house, living house and the toilets. Our living house were big enough to keep all the boys in primary 5.

An unforgetable incident when one of the night of the four days in St. John, i forgot to bring my writing material to the eating house, so i went back to my living place that was 100m away, ‘ALONE’!!! When i reach there i discovered that the door was locked, so i decided to went back to the eating house and asked my teacher for the key and when i got back to my living place, i discovered that the door was not locked, i ignore it but when i went inside the room before switching on the light, all the torchlight that was owned by my friend suddenly light up the whole room. I get shocked and quickly take my writing material and ran away to the eating house.

Things get worst, i lost my way, i can,’t find the way to the eating house. I say some prayers and finally get to find the way. After that incident, i know that ghosts is playing games on me. And to win the game, we must not be scared and remain calm.

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