The Ballerina

I was camping in school one night and I was left alone to sleep in a room (Mirrors covering each wall) that was once used for ballet lessons. It was said to be one of the haunted rooms in my school.

History: In my school, there’s this statue of a beautiful ballerina which didn’t have a face and surprisingly her neck had a huge scar. The story goes that there was once a ballet dancer who had tripped and fell and broke her neck. As a result, she died.

Let me continue my story: My other friends were organising night activities for our juniors. As I had to wake up early to prepare for their physical training in the morning, I needed enough rest. Sleeping in the room with facing mirrors around, was said not to be a good thing. Hence, I slept facing the ceiling. Several minutes passed and there was this tapping of the foot around on the parquet flooring. “Tap a Tap Tap” Freaked out, I tried my best not to think about it. However, it continued. Pissed that I couldn’t get any sleep, I shouted,”You think you can scare me? Come out if you dare!” Then I felt this sudden cold breathing down my neck. I was terrified and ran out of the room.

Maybe it could be that ballerina who didn’t finish her dance performance? …..

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