My Strange House

It was just two days ago when my friends and i purchased a home in phnum penh and started to experience some strange things. We knew that the house was newly renovated and we had no idea about its history.

On that day i cooked some food for my friends, the smoke detector alarm would shut off but there would be no smoke. The windows would shut close and the handles for the windows wouldn’t budge. we were terrified and thought that someone was trying to scare us out of our home, since we were new to the place.

And just last night, we heard disturbing noises from our backyard. It was like a loud yelp, or sort of like a little child was crying. I tried to ignore it but it kept getting louder. I was scared for a moment and wanted to check things out. I called one of my friends, pedro. When we reached for the back door of the house, the door suddenly unlocked itself and pedro reminded me that he locked it before he went to bed. I was the thinking that the child was trying to get into the house, or maybe he/she was in the house!

We screamed through the hall ways as we called for our friends to evacuate the house. At that time it was 3 in the morning and so the rest of our friends did not want to listen, neither would they get out of the house.

So i was in my bedroom, and JENALYN! my wife, screamed at me yelling about us forgetting her in russia and not bringing her to see our new home. And she was frustrated trying to open our back door. But! I didnt have a wife named jenalyn.

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