Mysterious Bat

The stories goes like this. It was a rainy day and my family and i were watching tv at the hall. While my family were watching tv, i was playing with my cat at the balcony when suddenly i saw a bat flying around at my house. I was so furious because it was a rainy day and i had closed all the window but how did the bat could get in my house. I quickly call my mother. My mother was so scared she and my sister ran into her room and she left me at the hall alone. So she ask me to get rid of the bat by myself. It was not an ordinary bat because when the bat fly above me, my hair at my hand were standing. It means that the bat was like a pontiank so i started to read some of the holy qur’an.

After i read, sudenlly the bat could not fly. It started to drop so i quickly take the plastic bag, pick up the bat and put it inside the bag and throw. Suddenly the bat come out smoke and change into a face of a lady. I was so scared, i quickly throw the plastic bag out of the window. After i threw it, i call my mother and she ask me what happen to the bat so i tell her. Since then, my family started to put more effort of read the holly qur’an. Thats all bye!

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