Mystery Kid

The school has a big field which is quite suitable for archery competition. They have been host for several archery competitions on the past years.

Not long ago, John, the storyteller, was there for an archery competition with his three other team-mates. Most archers were put in the hostel for accommodation by the organisers. They, too, were living there with the rest for several nights.

On that occasion, John and Azmin were sharing one room while their two other team-mates shared another room. On the first night they were there, John left Azmin alone in the room and went over to the other room to chat with his other team-mates. Azmin decided not to follow but went to bed early as he was tired.

The three guys were talking in the next room when they heard Azmin started scolding someone. They could hear Azmin was really angry to the extent that he was actually yelling. Apparently, Azmin was furious over a kid who disturbed him while he was trying to sleep. When they came out to check on Azmin, they saw Azmin rushed out of the room, with a clothes hangar in his hand, and ran down the corridor as if he was chasing someone or something and trying to hit it with the hanger. When he got back to his room, the surprised friends asked him what was he up to.

Azmin said, “That stupid boy came into my room and started pulling my blanket away from me. I scolded him and told him to get lost. But he came back and started pulling my blanket again. I was really annoyed. I got out of bed and told him to go away. He just stood there and laughed. So, I grab this clothes hanger on the table next to me and I started chasing him. I wonder where did he go as I lost him suddenly round the corner there.”

The friends felt strange and told him that they didn’t see anyone, besides Azmin himself, when he was running down the corridor.

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