Sightings of souls, demons and ghosts have always being out of my dictionary. In most various cases, people who are under a large amount of stress or depression would meet such horrid things and it normally proved that many of these sightings turn out to be untrue when further investigations were made.

I?m quite confident that the secondary school, which I used to school in my secondary school days, might answers to many of those questions and doubts exist in many people. I?m not going to name that school for the time being, as it would cast an unwanted fear in the neighborhood living over there. Before the school building was use for educational purposes, it was being used my Japanese war occupants as a hospital for them to treat their soldiers. Even today, I would not hesitate to bring anyone to the site to see the physical evidence in that building.

By saying that, I?ll be able to show many concrete evidence on the various events that had taken place on various locations in that building. Schooling in that building for a few years, I had gather a considerable amount of strong evidence from different various people, such as teachers, students, cleaners and even visitors. These visitors from Britain and Japan had specially make a trip to Singapore to view the building and took pictures on the various areas which had lay a deep amount of memories on them in wartimes. Some visitors may even share the incidents and tortures that occur in some particular areas in the school.

I shall offer some of those unexplained happenings in the school. In one occasion where a discipline Chinese teacher was teaching in the classroom, there was a student who suddenly stood up and went bogus out of a sudden. The student was wailing out weird languages, which shock every single people in the class. That student later passed out and could not recall what happen. Spirit possesses onto that student?s body? That teacher couldn?t really confirm.

The school field was known for it?s mass burial of war victims. The field is also known as one of the best soccer field in Singapore, it was later used as a training ground for ?young lions?. People could not explain why the field was so fertile and flat. Even if there?s heavy rain, the field was able to drain those waters immediately

On another occasion, there was this girl who was having NPCC night camp in the school, she was ordered to do night patrol duties around the school alone without any help, this was one of normal traditional training for many NPCC members who join the night camp. While she was walking pass the library, she was astonish to find two Japanese soldiers walking past her. It scared the wits out of her and she ran all the way down crying for help.

My classmate once encountered a strange encounter when she was using the toilet. She claimed to hear cries and sound of flushing and banging doors in the toilets. In her case, there were two stories, which relate to the toilet she used. The first explanation to her encounter was that there was a student, who gave birth secretly in the toilet by herself, and tired to flush the baby away. The cry was said to be from the baby. Personally, I think this couldn?t be the cause of the problem. The second explanation to her encounter was that there was a student who was failed her final exams and commit suicide in that particular toilet by hanging herself.

In that building, there were many rooms which the principal had given orders that neither students nor teachers were able to enter the room. Teachers claimed to have seen talisman being placed behind some doors. Due to the population of the students, some of these rooms were open to used as classrooms for students. In one classroom, there were leftover unfinished old floor tiles, which was left by the war occupants. Even a long wooden plank which was attach onto the wall behind the room can be easily being fold up to be used as a table, it was a long table which, Japanese soldiers had used to display the heads of innocent people. In that room, there were also bloodstains on the floor tiles that couldn?t be clean off.

One of the male toilets was forbidden too. Although the toilet was just renovated by the contractors, the school principal had ordered to stack numerous old chairs and tables outside it to prevent students from using it. It was open on the time. Guess there were some mystery in that toilet too.

The most famous and familiar haunted happenings was said to be in the library. Although there were renovations on many areas in the school, there were a many places, which the contractors had skipped. It was kind of fortunate or unfortunate for such evidences to be lay untouched. One of such obvious evidence was the library second door. Whenever students visit the library, they would come across an unlocked door at the back of the library. It?s easy to spot that particular door, as every place in the library was repainted and furnish except that particular area at the door. In the wartime, there was an innocent victim who was brought to the room to be tortured. That victim did not want to face the ordeal of being humiliated and tortured. The victim wanted to escape, while running towards the exit, the Japanese soldiers rush forward to give a chase. Unfortunately, the victim was brutally killed before the escape. From then on, there were many sightings of the victim around the area. It was said to be that the spirit could not rest in peace and it would haunt the place if the door were lock. In my schooling days, that door was never lock.

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