Night Raider

I heard this story from my friend yesterday mid-nite about 3++ am and the atmosphere there was so very eerie as you can image that huge and talls tress surrounding you.. skys was red in colour.. wind was blowing in a very fast speed in the sense of its really really very windy..

I think there already many people heard ghost stories about sembawang park including me myself, but the story that my fren told me yesterday was really new .. to me!!

The story begines like this..

It was the last bus taking off from sembawang park and there’s no more passenger, to the surprise of the bus driver, there’s a very old couple and a small boy boarded the bus, the old couple told the bus driver in hokkien..(we are really cashless and would you mind to give as a hand to help us as its already very late and we can’t get home, so the bus driver asked the couple, “Why are you still here so late at this hour and where you wanna go?” The couple said that their kid which is the small boy came sembawang park and play but dunno how to go home to ask them to come and fetch him home and they are stayin at..’lim chu kang’.. The driver was shocked and don’t know what to say .. He just replied, “Ok, you take a sit and i drive you all there..”

The driver immediately turn off the bus light and dashed in his fastest speed to lim chu kang.. and as what i know, the bus driver really send the old couple and the small boy to lim chu kang and is in front of their tombstone…

I don’t know whether do you all believe in my story or not but as what i know, this story was told by 1 of the bus driver at the sembawang park inter-change……….

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