Night Shift

I was night shipment auditor in disk drive company which located at boundary road. Everynight i will be station at 5th floor of the production room. In this room only the auditor and 2 production staff is allowed to stayed in this room cause this area where goods already inspected and need to go out for shipment. Only the three of us can excess the door which the management installed sensor detector(WE HAVE SPECIAL PASS TO EXCESS), no one is allowed to enter only authorised person can excess to this room.

Everyday the three of us will do our work and to pass time, we will jokes or share anything to each other(I always like to touch one of the production staff) So one fine night, i was so buzy doing my shipment, suddenly i saw one of the production staff was so buzy carry carton of shipment to be stack on the trolley (usually i will talk and touch her) but on the night i just talk to her without touching her. She did not respond just nodded her head.I’m continue to do my job and ignore her. When the time is about 0600am, i’m prepare myself to clear all my job before i hand over to next shift partner. I need to pass the document to the production staff so i called up her name, to my suprise, the other production staff ask me, am i still sleeping or i haven’t wash up my face? I told her that i was quite busy and no time to take nap. She told me that the staff i looking for was on MC and another thing that she is the only production staff with me. It’s frost me and shock to my life!

Till today, i do not know, who is that person appear the same apperance to my production staff? I’m lucky cause i did not touch her on that nite which usually i love to touch her.

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