Changi Airport Terminal 1

This is based on a true story whereby it happened in a toilet of the Departure Hall at Changi Airport above the Burger King Restaurant. But luckily I was quite a ‘Holy Religious Person’.

This is how the story goes…At that particular moment could not control my urine anymore and as you know, the feeling was terrible. Luckily I saw a toilet nearby and without waiting, I rush towards it. But before entering, I said the ‘Quran Wordings’ (For Muslims People) and that was the particular time where I was being disturbed.

When I enter the toilet, it was quiet, cold and nobody was in there. That gives me the creeps…But then I have no other option but to use it.. Just after I zip opened my pants, funny noises starts. Smashing of doors from the left cubicle and from the right. The smashing of the door became louder and the tempo becomes faster. It was irritating, but at first I thaught it was normal. (As kids like to play with doors).. However it was non-stop. But, I continued my to do my ‘stuff’. To me this is weird as it was 1 am in the morning and could children be still around playing at the toilet ???

Due to the terrible sound, I decided to ‘Push It To The Limits’( urinate to a more faster manner ) and quickly zipped up my jeans after doing it to see who is the BUGGER behind all these noises or should I say Terribble Music… As soon as I get out of the cubicle, the noise stop. However as I look at both cubicle door, it was closed and when I pushed it open, nobody was in the cubicle, both on the right and left.(I was in the middle) But that does not satisfy me. I waited for a minute and not a single person showed up. My hair starts to stand. My heart pounds faster than ever. However, the funny thing that I could do in that particular situation was to look at the mirror for a second, adjust my hair a bit and then leave off. Without bothering THEM…

But, just as I was about to leave off the place, I look back to have the final look, but no one was there. I thought that if I were to find a ghost at that particular moment, I would ask for a winning 4D number or TOTO number as our family are now facing financial difficulties…..

However when I ask my parents ( whom which works there for several years ), they told me that that place is quite a haunted place as one of a foreign children have died there. Also, people have been disturbed there too and not only that, they are being posessed by these THINGS…

So, the moral of the story is to become a holy person and belief that there is only one god whom which is ALLAH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! and with that too, remember this…

The Almighty God, ALLAH created all the things in the planet including DEVIL, GHOST and other stuff… So don’t be scared of them all.. However be scared and follow what THE CREATOR asked us to do.

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